Whether your shower is a stand-alone or is combined with a bathtub, the best way to control the shower spray is with a glass bath enclosure. A quality enclosure keeps all water inside the tub or shower, looks good and allows easy access into and out of the shower. 
(No more of those clingy shower curtains attacking you inside the shower.)

Unlike a disposable shower curtain, a glass enclosure holds its looks and its value for years. It is also easier to clean and adds more light and style to your bathroom. A well-planned glass enclosure can open up a tight space, creating an inviting bathroom that also adds to the resale value of your home. Indulge yourself. Create the bath experience of your dreams with glass, the quality alternative.

As with all of your glass purchases, your choice of a shower or bath enclosure will affect your lifestyle and your home's value.  You may need an expert to guide you through the alternatives available to you. We would like to help. Our custom frame-less tub and shower enclosures are typically 3/8  or 1/2  clear tempered glass with CRL quality hardware.

Shower Doors are Not Watertight.  Shower enclosures, when properly installed, are designed to prevent leaks under normal shower conditions.  Excessive water pressure or directing the shower spray directly at the door do not represent normal shower conditions and can result in leaks. Towel bars and handles are not to be used as grab bars.  For many people, grab bars in showers are a great assistance for getting in and out of the tub or shower. However, if your tub or shower enclosure is equipped with a towel bar, you should not use it as a grab bar. It will not support your weight. Do not use abrasive or acid-based cleaners when cleaning your shower enclosure.

There are some powerful cleaners on the market today.  Abrasive or acid-based cleaners can scar the metal or glass of your enclosure. It probably wouldn't happen with a single application, but it's best to use appropriate types of cleaners all the time. For best results, shower enclosures should be cleaned  with a squeegee or towel after exposure to water.  Make sure to consider all the important factors when selecting the obscurity level of your glass.  We recommend that you consider all the factors that could be important to you when selecting your glass.

Do you prefer a certain degree of privacy when showering?  Perhaps an obscure pattern would be right for you. Is your new tile work the showpiece of your master bathroom? You might consider using clear glass.




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